The foundation

The RaES foundation has as its main goal the stimulation of chemical engineering education and research.

This goal is achieved by giving chemical engineering coarses and the implementation of knowledge into new chemical products and processes.


The Raes foundation was founded in 1997 in Groningen (the Netherlands). Its main goal was to host research and educational activities of thirth parties performed in the working group of dr. ir. Graaf and non-university parties.

During the period of 1997 until now the following activities were performed

Courses and education on the following subjects

1) Extrusion Technology and rheology
2) Separation technology


1) Reactive extrusion research togather with the Sensus/Cosun group
2) BioPac: EC research with respect to developing films made of biodegradable plastics
3) Developing simulation software to predict the behaviour of reactive separtion processes
4) Modelling the Buss-loop reactor
5) Develop simulation software for the chemical engineering industry
6) Develop coarses with respect to chemical engineering topics